5 Beginner Weightlifting Tips

When it comes to fitness and exercise, weight lifting is my favourite training approach. Weight lifting used to be a method of working out that women avoided as they feared it would make them look 'bulky'. Overtime however, this belief has changed and women are beginning to fall in love with weight training and the fitness journey.

I have personally found that weight training has provided me with the greatest results. Lifting weights has helped me become a stronger person both physically and mentally. The physical and health benefits that are associated with weight lifting include; increased bone density, increased insulin sensitivity, reduced risk of osteoporosis and sarcopenia (muscle loss). But it also helps to you build muscle and sculpt your body to achieve the physique you desire.

Just like with everything, we were all beginners first.
Here are 7 weight lifting tips for beginners.

  1. Form is key

When it comes to executing any lift it is vital that your form is correct. Bad form will result in injury and in weight lifting (or in any sport) that is what we want to avoid. In order to fully grasp an exercise is important that you learn the form and technique. Fully mastering an the form and  technique of an exercise  often comes with experience. However, it can be achieved by using light weights and executing the exercise slowly, this will allow you gain that mind to muscle connection and you will feel all the right muscles contract. If you are ever unsure about form and how a certain exercise should be executed ask a trainer at your gym. Be safe in the gym, always focus on form to prevent unnecessary injury.


2. Stretch, warm up and cool down

Before every training session always stretch and warm up to also prevent any injury during your workout. Stretching and warming up before your workout will warm up your muscles and also warm up and lubricate your joints so they are not cold which is often what leads to injuries Warming up is also a great way to get your mind ready for the workout.
As well as warming up, ensure you stretch, foam roll and cool down after our workout. Foam rolling can help release tension created as result of weight training and a cool down helps to transport blood to all the muscles.

3.Be Consistent

As with anything, consistency is key. In order to see progress you have to be consistent. Results will not show if you are training once a month. It takes time and commitment to achieve the body you desire and it takes years to grow muscle and develop strength. Aim to train 3 to 4 times a week consistently and you will see your body transform and you will soon be hooked as you will be amazed by the progress.


4. Lift heavy

If you are looking to build muscle and develop a lean physique lifting heavy weights is what will help you achieve that physique. Those days where lifting lights weights has completely gone.
Ladies, don't be afraid of lifting heavy weights, most importantly don't be afraid of lifting weights in general, you will not get bulky, instead you will be surprised at how much weight training has improved your body.

5. Train each body part twice a week

As a beginner training plans are not that important. However, I highly recommend that you aim to hit each body part twice a week to see the best results.






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