8 Ways to Reduce Holiday Stress


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Christmas and New Year is fast approaching. Although this is a time of joy and celebration, this month brings with it stress and anxiety. We become overwhelmed with cooking, baking, shopping, attending and organizing events. As a result, forget about our health and we lose focus of what is important in order to complete these activities. Our food choices become poor, we stop exercising, we drink too much, we don't sleep. This has a negative affect on our health and wellbeing.


However, stress no more....


Here are my top tips to surviving the Holiday period:


You can say No

Learn to say no, don't be afraid. You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed, if so, the best thing you can do is to say no. Say no to that event you were invited too or to organising an extravagant meal. Knowing and understanding when things are beginning to become difficult and stressful is the best thing you can do for yourself. Your health is far more important and this time of year is not about going all out to create the perfect Christmas, it is about being present and enjoying the time with your family. So take a step back an evaluate why you are doing everything and if you really need to.


Ask for help

It is okay to ask for help. You are not expected to do everything, we are all human. You have people around you who are more than happy to help you out. Create a team made up of  your family and friends and this way you will be able to allocate different tasks to each person. Therefore making it more likely things to be completed and you will be more productive in the end.



Make a list

Don't leave things to the last minute, this will only make you panic and feel more stressed. Writing down all the tasks you need to do can definitely help relieve some of the stress.


Assess and Prioritise

Once you make your list, assess the importance and then prioritise them. It doesn't do matter if you did not manage to complete all the tasks on your list, as long as you were able to tick off the ones that were more important and meant more to you.


Change your Mindset

Rather than panicking and stressing on making sure you have the perfect Christmas, try to remember the real meaning and purpose of the holiday. Make the effort to think about what you are grateful for, this can help alleviate stress and is great for general well-being.


Let go of Expectations

You may have a picture in mind of what the perfect holiday is like, but sometimes expectations never live up. Choose to have no expectations and instead allow events to unfold as they do.

Stay Active

Find some time to do some exercise, being physically active is always a great way to reduce your stress levels.



Take some time to enjoy the holiday season. Allow some time to take a breather and recharge your batteries. Taking some down time is a good thing, this will allow you to feel refreshed and full of energy to continue.


Most of all try and enjoy the season with the people that truly mean a lot to you.





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