9 Steps to Achieve your Goal

We all have a goal or a dream. Many wish to achieve this goal so much, but do not know where to start or how to go about achieving it. While each an every persons goal or dream may differ, the steps required to achieve it are often the same.


9 Steps to Achieve Your Goal


     1. Write it Down


Writing down your goals is the first step towards achieving them. Once you write down your goal, it no longer becomes a dream or a wish.


Write your goals in a daily planner, a journal or on sticky notes. Making a note of them makes them more real.


      2. Specific and Measurable


Make sure your goal is specific and measurable. It is easy to say I want to lose weight, build muscle, become a millionaire, or get a new job. These are just vague notions, not goals.


Instead, losing 7lbs fat, building 3lbs muscle, earning an extra £500 a week, sending 100 applications every day are goals.

If you cannot be specific about what you want or measure it, what is it that you want.


     3. Have a Timeline


Once you make your goal specific and measurable, now you need to set a timeline. It is not sufficient to say you are going to do this, set a deadline.
Setting a timeline makes a goal more real. Without a timeline, you're still wishing and hoping your specific and measurable goal comes true.


A deadline allows you to think what tasks you need to be doing in order to achieve your goal, it helps you prioritise what you’ll work on (and for how long) and they push us.


Often you find when you set no time frame you end up pushing a task to the bottom of the list. However, if you note when you want this task to be done it forces you to get it done, and you also know exactly when it is going to happen.

Lose 7lbs of fat in 9 weeks versus just focusing on the 4lbs. Spend 1 hour in the morning sending applications versus just sometime in the distant future.


     4. Must be Realistic


All goals have to be realistic, for example, you can set a goal to build 7lbs of muscle in 2 weeks, but that is not likely or realistic. A goal should reflect the amount of time it actually takes to attain it.

     5. Accountability


Yes, accountability. You have to hold yourself accountable. Don't look to other or expect others to hold you accountable. This is your goal, and therefore it is up to you.


   6. When you can’t control your circumstances, don’t let your circumstances control you. 


You will always encounter bumps on the road to success. You may even encounter times where you want to quit and give up. The road to success is never linear and who ever said it is, is a liar. This is normal, there will always be external factors throwing you off your path, but you have to be strong enough and not let these negative circumstance affect you.


      7. You’ve got to want it more than you don’t want it.


Ask yourself, how bad do you want to achieve this goal?


Everything in life has a price. Losing weight requires you to exercise. Finding a job requires you to send countless applications and go to interviews. You have to put in the effort.


Success will come when your desire for the outcome outweighs the obstacles/costs that accompany it.


     8. Visualise it


While it is important to write you goal now and make a plan, it is also great to envision your goal. Visualisation will also affect your subconscious mind. As a result, it will keep you motivated and focused on your goal.


     9. Believe it, and you will Achieve it


This is an important step. You have to believe in yourself and that it will happen. If you don't believe in yourself then who is. Repeat positive affirmations, this will undo any doubts and lack of belief, in turn, your subconscious mind will accept it as true and has been achieved already. Keep reminding and telling yourself it is achievable. Think positive, negative thoughts only cloud your judgement and lead to you to a not so great place that you do not need to be in.






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