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The PCOS and Nutrition Blog has been created for women who are suffering from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). It provides easy to understand information to help women educate themselves about their condition. It is based on evidence from medical studies as well as personal experience.

Take your time and explore the collection of posts ranging from nutrition tips and lifestyle advice for PCOS sufferers, such as optimal recipes, diet tips and supplements, as well as general information on fitness and nutrition for everyone.


The PCOS and Nutrition Blog was created for educational purposes. This website does not offer or replace professional advice. Any information provided on the site should not be substituted for professional medical advice, examination, diagnosis or treatment. The site offers information provided by articles, research but also the bloggers own opinions and personal experience dealing with PCOS. Therefore, always seek the advice of your doctor before changing your lifestyle, through, altering your diet, exercise routine, starting a new supplement or treatment or making changes to existing treatment.


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Braun Silk Epil 7 Review

There is one thing women can agree on and that is hair removal sucks!
Hair removal can be a such a burden and a pain, however, thankfully there are plenty of hair removal options to help you find which one is best for you. After becoming fed up of waxing and the cost of it, I decided to invest in an epilator. I did some research and checked out the various epilator products available. I came across the Braun Silk Epil 7 and have now been using it for over 5 years and it has been great!

10 Nutrition Myths Busted

There seems to be a new diet and nutrition myth every day. A lot of these nutrition myths are engrained in our beliefs and people just do not question them. It is important to break these nutrition myths and get to the truths to ensure people are eating and living a healthy lifestyle without all this false information and these fad diets.

Do You Need To Track Macros?

Macros are short for macronutrients. Macronutrients are food groups, your protein, carbohydrates and fat. Tracking your macros allows you to break down your caloric intake into specific macronutrient goals, how many grams of each macronutrient to consume every day. Macro tracking is done by weighing all of your food and using an app such as Myfitness pal to track. Is it necessary, however?

7 Tips To De-Stress

Societies fast-paced, long hours and social pressures, have resulted in individuals feeling under even more pressure and stress. Stress has become a prevalent issue and is a cause of many chronic conditions. Here are 7 tips to help you de-stress.

My Top 5 Podcasts

Podcasts are on the rise and why not. Rather than listening to music, why not listen to a podcast while on your commute and be immersed in an abundance of knowledge in a matter of seconds. Everyone is listening to them and enjoying them. Here are my top 5 podcasts. I warn you I do listen to a range of podcasts!

How Many Calories Do I Eat?

Frequent questions I get asked are, “how many calories do you eat?”, “how many grams of carbohydrates do you eat?”, “what diet do you follow?”, and many other questions relating to this realm of calories and diets. Here is what you need to know.

8 Exercise Mistakes Women With PCOS Make

Exercise is a key component in any PCOS treatment plan. However, certain factors need to be addressed when it comes to PCOS and exercise. I receive many questions from women with PCOS about how they should approach exercise and therefore in this post I want to discuss exercise mistakes that you should avoid ensuring you make results that you are proud of.

How To Become A Morning Person

Many people think they are not a morning person, I thought that too until I started to make some changes. Waking up early allows you to super productive, especially if you have a lot of things to get done throughout the day. Making the transition to waking up early in the morning has been one of the best things I have done.

Fitness Myths Busted

There are plenty of fitness myths and we have heard them all. Here are some fitness myths busted and their truths.

How To Stay Healthy At Work

Maintaining your healthy eating ways can often be more difficult at work as a result of all the office treats that come through every day. Here are some tips to help you maintain your healthy eating habits.

The Benefits Of Exercising With Others

When’s the last time you pushed yourself—like, really pushed your muscles and your mind—during a workout? Let me ask another question: Were you alone, or were you working out with someone?

Supplements You Need For PCOS

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is an endocrine disorder, in which hormones are imbalanced. Women with PCOS produce high levels of androgens. Find out which supplements you need for PCOS.

How To Manage Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Guest post by Tina Christoudias RD. The worst part of having a chronic condition such as Hashimoto’s is that, to the outside person, you look totally normal.


Things You Should Know About Weight Loss

With so much information available, it is not surprising people don’t know how to approach weight loss. As a society, we are constantly bombarded with information and new trends by health and fitness gurus. Here is what you should know about weight loss.

Is The Glycemic Index Important?

The Glycemic Index is a tool which indicates a carbohydrates effect on blood sugar levels. Is following a low GI diet necessary?

Frequently Asked PCOS Questions

PCOS is a common endocrine disorder affecting many women of reproductive age. I have compiled a bunch of questions and answers about PCOS that I frequently get asked to help you.

Female Celebrities Who Have Overcome PCOS

Thanks to PCOS activists, advocates and famous women speaking out about PCOS, there has been an increase in awareness about the condition. The increase in awareness is not only helping PCOS become a recognised condition, but it also helps reach women who are currently suffering from PCOS know that they are not alone.

Food Quality Over Calories

The surge in the number of diets around results in people having a distorted idea and perception of food. People have lost sight of what real food is and why we eat. While I am a huge proponent of flexible dieting and living a lifestyle with no restrictions, I still firmly believe that food quality matters.

Why You Are Not Making Progress In Your Workouts

I frequently get asked for reasons on why progress is not being made even when going to the gym, eating healthy and fewer calories. While there is not one single answer, here are some reasons as to why you are not seeing results.

The Real Cause of Insulin Resistance?

Insulin Resistance has become a common condition, a high carbohydrate was often explained as the cause of insulin resistance and that you should, therefore, follow a low-carb diet. Often, however, eliminating carbs does not get to the root cause of insulin resistance. Could there be another reason?

9 Food Myths Debunked

There seems to be a new diet and food myth every day. New diets are constantly being thrown around telling us that this diet is the best. When this constantly happens, it is understandable that consumers become confused with what really is good and bad, and what you actually should be eating. It is time to put an end to the food myths and get to the truth about nutrition.

11 Ways To Eat More Vegetables

Vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, making them a key food in any one’s diet. However, many people fail to eat enough.

Why You Shouldn’t Do The Military Diet

It is likely that you have heard and come across a 3 day crash diet called the ‘Military Diet’. If you are thinking of following this ‘diet’ to lose weight, think again.

Health Tips For Lean Women With PCOS

A PCOS diagnosis is commonly associated with being overweight, however, that is not always the case, you can be lean and have PCOS. Find out what you can do to help manage your PCOS, with no weight loss.

Why is it Hard to Lose Weight with PCOS?

A common symptom of PCOS is weight gain or difficulty losing weight. Find out why it is so hard to lose weight with PCOS and what to do to help.

Eat Out and Lose Weight

A common sacrifice people make when they decide to lose weight is to stop going out to eat. Often when this happens, a person’s social life also becomes affected.Here are some healthy eating tips to help you still eat out and lose weight.

Tips to Sleep Better

Sleep is such a crucial part of living a healthy lifestyle and managing your PCOS. Here are 13 tips to help you sleep better.

5 Common PCOS Diet Mistakes

A PCOS diagnosis often brings with it a whole host of emotions and endless questions. Losing weight can be a struggle sometimes, however, losing weight becomes even more difficult when you also suffer from insulin resistance in which many women with PCOS also do. Find out 5 common PCOS Diet mistakes we have all made. Knowing the diet mistakes, you will now be able to recognise them and avoid making them yourselves.

A Cure For PCOS?

PCOS affects 5%-10% of women of a reproductive age. While PCOS is a common endocrine disorder many women also go undiagnosed and untreated. PCOS is an endocrine disorder, which means a woman’s hormones are imbalanced. Therefore the root cause of all PCOS symptoms is a hormone imbalance. While the type and cause of a woman’s PCOS may differ, the problem is a hormone imbalance.

The Egg Fast For Weight Loss?

I recently came across the egg fast. The first thing that came to my mind when I found out of this, was who can last on only eating eggs, I mean don’t get me wrong, I do like eggs, but having to eat eggs every day, I just can’t do. Does the egg fast work and should you do it?