Lentil Vegetable Soup

This lentil and vegetable soup is not only delicious, it’s also low in fat and easy to make. Have yourselves a nutritious, warming and satisfying soup.

Simple Tabbouleh Recipe

Tabbouleh is such a simple but delicious dish. With minimal ingredients, you can make a colorful, vibrant and highly nutritious meal.

Simple Veggie Burger Recipe

A low-fat veggie burger made with potato, carrot, courgette and onion – a simple veggie burger that is super tasty and will help you eat more vegetables. Vegetarian or not, you will love this veggie burger recipe!

Healthy and Delicious Okra in Tomato Sauce

This recipe will definitely have you loving Okra! Okra is full of nutritional benefits and is great for your health. Give it a try!

Simple Black Eyed Beans Recipe

Black eyed beans are super nutritious and tasty. Try out this quick and simple recipe!