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A 1 hour virtual consultation (on Skype) in which you will be able to ask anything you like from questions about PCOS, nutrition and training. During our consultation we will identify any nutritional, diet or lifestyle factors that may be affecting you. Perhaps you already have a fairly good diet, but you feel there is an underlying limiting factor that needs to be addressed. It may be that you have been losing weight steadily but have hit a plateau and do not know what to do.


We will them discuss any necessary changes to your diet and lifestyle to help. After the  consultation you will have a personalised and safe nutrition and lifestyle programme that is evidence based, and tailored towards your very individual requirements.


To schedule an appointment, fill out the consultation application form. I will respond via email, generally within 24 hours. Once we arrange a time, I will email you an invoice that will allow you to pay via PayPal or credit card. Payment is due before the time of the appointment.

A nutrition and lifestyle questionnaire will be sent to you upon payment. This needs to be completed and returned a minimum of 3 days prior to your initial appointment.


(Please note that my coaching services are not in-person sessions).



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