8 Exercise Mistakes Women With PCOS Make

Exercise is a key component in any PCOS treatment plan. Including exercise in your PCOS plan is essential when looking to manage your PCOS. However, certain factors need to be addressed when it comes to PCOS and exercise. I receive many questions from women with PCOS about how they should approach exercise and therefore in this post I want to discuss exercise mistakes that you should avoid ensuring you make results that you are proud of.


It is, however, important to note that the type of PCOS you have will have an affect on what type of exercise is necessary to help balance your hormones and reverse your PCOS. Therefore, it is essential that you establish what type of PCOS you have before you embark on any type of exercise routine as it could end up doing more harm than good.


8 Exercise Mistakes


Not Training Intensely


Are you just going through the motions of exercise, not really into it?


Well, it is time you break out of that. Your training intensity is important. Intensity is the amount of physical power that the body uses when performing an activity.


Working out at a higher intensity compared to a low intensity will increase your heart rate and therefore help you burn more calories.

Studies have shown that undertaking HIIT can help PCOS. Results indicate that HIIT can improve insulin resistance and reduce waist and hip circumference.


Increasing your intensity can help you increase your metabolism.


You are focusing purely on 'burning calories'


We all know that when it comes to weight loss the number of calories burned during exercise is important. However, we can often find ourselves focused purely on the number of calories burned.


When it comes to PCOS however, exercising is not solely about burning calories and losing weight. While exercising is another great component when looking to lose weight, it is important that you don't look at exercise as purely a way to burn calories. Remember you cannot out train a bad diet and you cannot balance your hormones if your diet is bad. Good nutrition combined with exercise is what will ensure weight loss and your PCOS management.


Furthermore, while many women with PCOS include exercise into their weight loss regime, it is first important to establish what type of PCOS you have as this can determine what type of exercise you should be undertaking.


Lack of Resistance Training


Do you go the gym and simply run on the treadmill or do any other from of cardio for 1 hour?


If so, it is time to change up your workout. Reduce the amount of cardio you are doing and increase or add in resistance training. Resistance training is not just something men should do and if you afraid of lifting weights because you will look bulky, you won't. Including some weight training into your workouts provides so many benefits.


To increase your metabolism, you have to lift weights. I often get asked how to achieve the lean and nice curves, the answer is from weight training. You do not achieve a nice shape from simply doing cardio. Weight training will help you build muscle, strength and help you look and feel good.


Exercising too much


A common misconception is that you have to train 7 days a week, however, in reality you don't. Your body needs rest days, to recover from the stress you put on it exercising. This is especially important for women with PCOS, you have to work with your body not against it. Over exercising is not healthy for your hormones. Overtraining is what can often result in a hormone imbalance. Therefore, unfortunately if you are someone who loves to exercise frequently you may have to take a step back and put your health and your hormones first.


Many people have successful progressed and seen results working out 3 times a week.


You are not following a program


Are you just going to the gym and simply doing anything and everything?


Many women scroll the web and look for any old plan regardless of what level they are at and how frequently they can train.

It is important that you follow a plan that you can stick to and complete regularly.


To achieve a goal you have to have a plan and it is the same with your workouts. You cannot expect to achieve a certain physique without knowing how to go about achieving it.


Make a plan, find a set workout that looks good and that you will enjoy and follow it.


Following an Unrealistic Program


Many women scroll the web and look for any old plan regardless of what level they are at and how frequently they can train.

It is crucial that you follow a plan that you can stick to and complete regularly.


There is no best exercise. The best exercise is simply the one that you can do consistently and regularly. Consistency is essential for results.


You are Unrealistic with your Expectations


We often like to compare ourselves to others, but we shouldn't. We are all different, and therefore we should strive to set a goal to be better than our yesterday.


Focusing too much on the outcome


It is great to have an end goal as this can keep you motivated, however, if you are someone who is trying to lose weight, constantly focusing on the end goal can be demotivating, understand that this is a journey, the quicker you understand that the better and this way you will not give up.


Exercise is more than just a weight loss tool, it is essential for our overall health and wellbeing.






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