Fitness Myths Busted


There are plenty of fitness myths, we have heard them all and even tried them all!

However, we need to stop believing these fitness myths and misconceptions. It is important for people just beginning their journey to know and recognise what is real and achievable. The fitness industry can often provide false information and false hope. It is time to get to the truth.

Here are some fitness myths busted and their truths.


Lifting weights makes you bulky


A lot of women avoid lifting weights because they fear they will look bulky, but in reality, it does not. Instead, lifting weights actually makes you strong and it enables you to develop lean muscle, which is often what women want when they say they want to just "tone". Also, there are also health benefits associated with resistance training and they include, increase insulin sensitivity, lowers LDL cholesterol, helps with weight management.


You can spot reduce


Whatever method you attempt to do to get rid of fat on your abdomen, thighs, love handles, arms, or back, you cannot spot reduce. So doing 100's of tricep dips will not get rid of your bingo wings and 100's of side plank will not get rid of your love handles. You cannot do a certain exercise to lose fat in that body part, it does not work like that. When your body is in a caloric deficit, it loses fat from the whole body. Often the body part you want to lose fat is the last place to go.


You have to train every day.


Nope. You do not have to train 7 days a week, for hours on end to see results. This can often lead to overtraining, resulting in issues with injury and fatigue if you are not recovering properly. Focus on quality of workouts over quantity. It is also all about balance; there is a life outside of training!


Having abs means your healthy.


Having abs, shredded arms and legs does not mean your healthy and having fat on your body does not mean you are unhealthy. Firstly, our bodies need body fat to survive, therefore striving to have this ripped or aesthetic look should not be your goal. Health is not just what you look on the outside, health is also about what is going on inside.


Doing crunches every day will give you abs.


Similar to the point above, doing 100's every day will not show your abs, they will, however, develop them and give you core strength. We all have abs, yet, to see them, you have to lose belly fat and get to a certain body fat percentage.


The more you sweat, the more you burn.


Nope, sorry to break it to you but just because you are drenched in sweat after your workout does not mean you have burned any more calories than usual. Sweat is a biological response, it is your body's way of cooling itself down and regulating a healthy body temperature.


If you are not sore the next day, your workout wasn't hard enough.


Soreness is caused as a result of inflammation which is the result of damage to living tissues. The inflammation is a defence mechanism for protection against injury and infection.


Many athletes have not felt pain or soreness in years. Avoid judging the success of your workouts by the level of soreness you feel. Focus on achieving your goals. Soreness does not correlate with increased muscle or strength.


Fasted Cardio is superior to unfasted cardio for fat loss.


Contrary to popular belief it does not matter what form of cardio you for fat loss. In fact, a 2014 study in the Journal of the Institutional Society of Sports Nutrition found that both groups showed a significant loss of weight and fat mass from baseline, but no significant between-group differences were noted in any outcome measure.













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