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What Is Intuitive Eating & Book Review

Intuitive eating is the eating approach we all followed before we all fell victim to the dieting ways.
Think back to when you were a baby, you used to cry when you were hungry and then stopped when you were full. Not much thought went into it. This is intuitive eating, you are in tune with your body. You are listening to the cues that your stomach is sending your brain.
Therefore, to begin intuitive eating again, you essentially want to go back to how you used to eat when you were growing up before you started following diets.

The Book That Helped Me Overcome My Eating Disorder

One day I was watching a youtube video and the individual in the video mentioned the Intuitive Eating book, by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, and how it helped them overcome their eating disorder. I, therefore, decided to look into this book because I really wanted to take back control of my life. I found the book and I ordered it. As soon as the book arrived, I was glued to it. I was dedicated to recovering and the book did a great job of explaining intuitive eating and how diets set you up to fail, that it is not your fault if you fail a diet.
Diets don't work and only serve to create or even exacerbate disordered eating and problems with body image. The Intuitive Eating book and its principles are about putting an end to dieting and setting you up for recovery.

I knew I had an  obsessive and disordered behaviour with food, however, only while reading the book did I become aware and fully understand how unhealthy my relationship with food was.
The Intuitive Eating book played a big part in me overcoming my eating disorder.
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Intuitive Eating Is Not A Diet

It is important to note that Intuitive Eating is not a quick fix for weight loss or even a lifestyle change. It is about fixing our relationship with food, exercise and our bodies.

The book is well-written and has an abundance of information and really breaks down dieting, the type of eater you are and guides you through how to make peace with food and put an end to chronic dieting to finally enjoy eating again.
Overcoming an eating disorder and putting an end to chronic dieting requires lots of mental strength. This is because your mind plays a big part in your actions. The book helps you put an end to the catastrophic thinking, helping you see things differently, in a more clear and postive way, as well as looking at things such as weight loss in the long-term, rather than short-term.
Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch include plenty of research, anecdotes that you can relate to, as well as metaphors and analogies that clarify their concepts. They break down Intuitive Eating into ten principles:
1) Reject the Diet Mentality
2) Honor Your Hunger
3) Make Peace with Food
4) Challenge the Food Police
5) Feel Your Fullness
6) Discover the Satisfaction Factor
7) Cope with your emotions without Using Food
8) Respect Your Body
9) Exercise - Feel the Difference
10) Honor Your Health - Gentle Nutrition
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Why Diet's Don't Work

When ever you start a new diet, restriction is always involved. This restriction does not just inlcude calories, but also certain foods or even food groups. Once you start labelling and restricting foods you cause yourself to crave foods, whatever you can't have you want, right? This is often what causes people to overeat, because you have either been starving yourself, or you are planning to starve yourself. While another factor may be because you indulge in something you told yourself you shouldn't and you think "oh well! I've already had one! Everything is ruined!". 


If you are looking to finally put an end to chronic dieting and your eating disorder, then I highly recommend purchasing the Intuitive Eating book by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. If you are someone who never allows themselves to indulge in something they crave if you label foods as 'good' and 'bad'if you have ever been on a diet if you undereat or overeat. This book will open your eyes to the dieting industry and will certainly help you love your body once more.
It will take time take before you fully return to Intuitive Eating, it is not easy switching off years of disordered eating, but you will eventually get there with determination and through following the books practical principles.

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