What To Eat On A PCOS Diet | My PCOS Diet

When it comes to managing your PCOS, your diet plays a crucial role.


While there is no set or best diet for PCOS, it is important that your diet is made up of whole foods, these are foods that have been minimally processed.


In the video above I show you just some of the foods I buy on my PCOS diet.


Stock your fridge and pantry with fruits and vegetables, healthy fat foods, lean proteins and low Glycemic foods.


While my diet is filled with whole foods, I do allow myself some flexibility, my diet and lifestyle does not involve restriction. I prefer and feel much happier when I allow myself to also indulge and give into my cravings every once in a while. I feel as though allowing yourself to eat certain foods in moderation is more sustainable and keeps you mentally sane too.




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